I’ll be highlighting something special on this page every month. 

You guys — I have been a fool.  An old, silly fool who didn’t want to “do” Instagram because it was another social media thing to keep up with! I didn’t want yet another reason to stare hunch-backed at my phone at ever-quickening intervals during the day…
But I can see now that it is an incredible way for teachers to easily share photos of students’ awesome STEM designs. And, honestly, it gives me so much joy and a little bit of pride to see students all over the country (world?) whom I’ve never met enjoying a STEM challenge I created. I seriously squeal when the Instagram notification comes through. So, yeah, I should have gotten on this train a loooong time ago. 
I know most of you who follow me do so for my STEM challenges, and a smaller (but still awesome, amazing, and much-appreciated) group follow for my writing lessons. I would love to be tagged in any posts you might have showing students working on either STEM challenges or writing lessons.  I’m @kerrtrac (my name without the Ys).
Thank you so much for your kind support. I look forward to seeing your young engineers and writers in action!

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